Monday, May 21, 2018

Day 2 - Monday May 21st 2018 - Corolla NC to Nags Head 38 miles

Arriving in Kitty Hawk in 1985 (click to enlarge) 
Today we leave Corolla and travel south to Nags Head. Legend maintains that the town of Nags Head, North Carolina takes its name from wreckers or "Bankers" deploying false lights. The Nags Head urban legend states that in the 18th century, wreckers would hang lanterns from the necks of mules (colloquially called "nags" at the time) and walk the animals very slowly up and down the beach. The alleged intent was to fool mariners into believing that the slow-moving lights were ships drifting at rest or at anchor, prompting the ships to change course and subsequently run aground. In 1860, a writer for Harper’s New Monthly Magazine corroborates the story of the "Bankers" who gave Nags Head its name. Today will be the only day we have to deal with traffic congestion. After we pass through the town of Duck at around mile 14.5, we will start to experience increased traffic as we approach the Outer Banks largest city of Kitty Hawk at mile 20. Kitty Hawk has a year-round population of 3,200 residents. This number skyrockets in the summer months to 40,000 visitors or more. Kitty Hawk was unheard of until 1903, when the town became famous thanks to the Wright Brothers. Kitty Hawk is credited as the home of the Wright Brother's first flight, but it was simply telegraphed from the town via the Kitty Hawk Weather Station. The first flight actually took place in neighboring Kill Devil Hills, which was not a "town" at the time, but was officially incorporated about 50 years later. In Kitty Hawk, we will navigate west to Woods Road which leads to West Kitty Hawk Road which leads to Moore Shore Road which leads to Bay Drive which leads to 1st Street which leads to Colington Road. Whew!! Thank goodness for turn by turn navigation. At mile 29, we are at the Wright Brothers National Memorial in Nags Head. From there, we have another 9 miles to go to get to our destination. There we plan to stay at  the Comfort Inn - 8031 Old Oregon Inlet Rd
Fab Four at a Day 1 stop in the 80s - that mustache is embarrassing! Nobody wore a helmet - not sure why - maybe plastic hadn't been invented back then. Also, Vicki's hair was too big to fit in a helmet. 
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  1. Hay,,that was a nice hairdo­čśÄ are you getting close to our 106 mile day or the attack by the giant horse flies? Fun memories..


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