Monday, April 30, 2018

Getting Ready for the 2018 Outer Banks Trip

The Original Fab Four
The original Fab Four from 1985..or was it 1986? Seen here getting ready to board the van that took us to Atlanta where we boarded an Amtrak train to Washington DC then a Greyhound Bus to Virginia Beach.  (click to enlarge)
Back in 1985 - or thereabouts - Jack, David, Vickie and I took the original Outer Banks tour from Virginia Beach to Myrtle Beach (416 miles). Now, 30+ years later, another Fab Four is going to attempt to repeat the feat (well, sort of). David and Vickie could not make this trip, so Jack and I have enlisted Chris and Barry Jennison to accompany us this time. We plan to travel 4 days from Sandbridge VA south through Back Bay National Wildlife Refuge (Federally operated) and False Cape State Park (State operated) then down Currituck BanksBodie IslandHatteras Island and finally Ocracoke Island (122 miles). This time around, we'll all be on eBikes. eBikes (electric assisted bicycles) basically allow old people to continue doing what young people do. Young bicyclists abhor them but that's because the're young and stupid and not old and wise. If you're not familiar with eBikes, go here. Jack and I will be trying out our new RadRover Fat Tire Bikes. We have tested them on the Chief Ladega and Silver Comet Trails, on off-road trails in Cloudland Canyon State Park and the extended Riverfront Parkway in Chattanooga.
The trip starts on Sunday May 20th 2018 and runs through Wednesday May 23rd. We'll be posting daily pictures on this blog along the way. I don't do Fakebook but Jack does. He'll probably do a daily live stream along with posting pictures on his Fakebook page as well. If you are interested in buying an eBike and irritating young bicyclists, I would recommend you take a look at 
Jack with our RadPowerBikes RadRovers on the Silver Comet Trail - 2018. We started in Jacksonville Alabama and rode to Cedartown GA. This photo is at the state line where Chief Ladega Trail turns into The Silver Comet Trail.  (click to enlarge)

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  1. Tail winds friends! Hope to be on the next one. Stay safe.


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